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Scleral Lens

Dr. Mockler is a certified fitter for ZenLens Scleral Contact Lenses. Scleral contact lenses differ from the typical contact lens you may think of when you hear the words “contact lens”. They are medically necessary devices for some individuals who suffer from various corneal diseases, including keratoconus, severe dry eye, and other disease resulting in an irregular cornea surface. Scleral contacts fit over the surface the eye to mimic a more regular corneal surface with the potential to improve vision more so than glasses or traditional soft contact lenses may provide. Dr. Mockler has had success with patients improving their vision to 20/20 when glasses or soft contact lenses could not. Scleral lenses may not be right for everyone, but they can make a world of difference for some. If you think you may be a candidate, contact our office to book a consultation.

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